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Container Service
Dalian Zhendong logistics undertakes the export and import business in the main ports of China such as Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and has established a good cooperation with many shipping companies and shipping agencies, provides the customers with inland transportation, cargo booking, vanning/devanning, storage for import and export cargoes, etc.

Sea-Land Transport
For more services of inland logistics, Dalian Zhendong logistics cooperates with related rail companies, set up the container express from Dalian to Manzhouli, Yingkou to Manzhouli, At the same time,in order to provide high-quality,thoughtful service, our company has opened an office in Manzhouli,able to provide customers a full range of handling rail transport, supervise the installation, container ship and other services, broke the sole transport mode which sea-land transportation incoherent, realized the sea-railway combined transport in the true sense. Solved the difficult of transport in winter which bothering the customer.
International multimodal transport service
Dalian zhendong logistics has built a good relationship with many big companies in Russia to export/import containers and wagons from China to Russia¡¢countries of central Asia. The main business as below,
1) Import/export containers and wagons from China to Russia via Manzhouli--Zabaikalye.
2) Import/export containers and wagons from China to Mongolia¡¢Russia via Erenhot--Zamyn-Uud.
3) Import/export containers and wagons from China to Russia via Suifenhe¡ªGrodekovo.
4) Export containers from China to Russia via the port such as Vladivostok¡¢ Vostochny.

Customs Clearance/Application for inspection
Dalian Zhendong logistics entrust Dalian A-Leval Customs Broker help us do the work of Customs Clearance, Customs Inspection, fumigation etc.

Dalian Zhendong Logistics signs a long-term service agreement with Dalian FTZ Mage-link Logistics Co.,ltd, provides the customers with long-term and irregular storage service.Dalian FTZ Mage-link Logistics Co.,ltd have 8000 square meter storge space and 13000 square meter container yard in Dalian International Logistics Park. They can provide the customers services of warehousing, international trade, international distribution, entrepot trade, etc at any time.

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